Funny Lottery Commercials

Funny Lottery Commercials.

Smiling is one of the best remedies in life, for pretty much anything; from beauty to various ails, laughter is medicine often prescribed by doctors. To make sure all our lottery players remain as healthy as possible, we have put together a list of hilarious lottery commercials for your entertainment.

The Lottery Ticket=

In this commercial we see a man overly excited as he realizes (during work hours, no less!) that he has won the lottery! Sadly, he makes a mistake that is all too common – he loses his ticket, and now has to hope he won’t be fired from his job. The moral of the ad, however, is not to invest in finances, but to play online, so that your ticket never gets lost, and the winning funds are delivered directly to you!

Mega Millions is currently offering a $127 million jackpot, play it online to ensure you do not end up like the poor guy in the commercial!

Funny Lottery CommercialsThe Lottery Mansion

This commercial hails from the Netherlands. We see a man running through an amazing mansion that designed exactly the way most people imagine their first lottery-bought home will look like – big and luxurious. However, being a winner does not automatically make you a good planner, because otherwise there would be a toilet readily available without needing to run through the entire house!

Did you know that you can play on theLotter using our app?

It’s available on Android, iPhone, and iPad – and if you’re worried about having an accident like this poor fella, you can just play in the bathroom! We won’t tell anyone, promise!

Justin Bieber

In this one, playing Powerball promises to make you the kind of rich that can afford to test new tech out – and remove any trace of Justin Bieber memory from your brain! It sounds a little costly to spend a few hundred millions worth of a jackpot on that though, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t you prefer to spend it on a mansion like the man in the previous commercial did?



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