Win The Lottery. Subliminal (Audio + Visual)

Win The Lottery.  Subliminal.

Watch in HD. Headphones/Earphones are recommended. Use this subliminal video often to attract luck into your life and win more lotteries. Watch and listen for the best results. You can still get results from just watching or just listening if that’s more convenient for you. This subliminal video has both text and audio affirmations. Set to a comfortable volume. Do not listen while driving or operating machinery. Use at least once a day until no longer needed.

Text & Audio Affirmations.

I just naturally feel lucky all the time.
My sincere gratitude attracts more good luck.
Positive things always seem to happen to me.
New and exciting opportunities are always coming my way.

Others are always telling me how lucky I am.
Luck and good fortune are normal everyday occurrences for me.
I am effortlessly tuned into and focused on luck.
Good things just always seem to come my way.

Others see me as a very lucky person.
I attract good luck into my life.
I am full of gratitude for all my good fortune.
I am the luckiest person alive.

Good fortune always comes my way.
I am a naturally lucky person.
I am the kind of person who is always winning money in the lottery.
Others see me as someone who is just naturally lucky all the time.

I find it easy to visualize myself winning massive amounts of money.
Choosing winning numbers comes naturally to me.
It is my destiny to win the lottery.
I have won the lottery and am living the life of my dreams.

I have attracted a big lottery win.
I naturally attract luck and money.
I am extremely lucky.
I always choose winning numbers.

I am destined to win huge amounts of money.
Everything I see and hear reminds me of my good luck.

Binaural Beat Brainwave Frequency: 6hz (Theta)



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