Get a 100% Refund as Your Welcome Bonus

Get a 100% Refund as Your Welcome Bonus :

Your Welcome Bonus 

buy an Official Lottery ticket at and we will credit your account on the site with an amount identical to the one you spend the first time you play.

Buy a Multi-Draw package or playSystematic Lottery Form to receive a greater Welcome Bonus ! To start playing click here

1,000 Weeks Of Lotto – What Worked, What Didnt!
A Lotto Winners In-depth Analysis Of 1,000 Lotto Games Twenty Years Of Lottery Results Analysed. The Unique, Nowhere-else-on-the-web 20-year Lotto Results Analysis That Measures Theory V Actual Results – Shows You The Smart Plays And The Dumb Plays!
1,000 Weeks Of Lotto – What Worked, What Didnt! charges a handling fee which it includes in each ticket price and nothing more. In other words, if you’re lucky enough to win a multi-million dollar, Euro, pound or Rand lottery jackpot through the Lotter, you’ll receive every last cent of it. Read on to discover what makes this premier internet lottery ticket seller tick, how to sign up for a free account, how to make a deposit, what lotteries it supports and much more. is owned and operated by The Lotter Enterprises Ltd which is based in the online gambling-friendly jurisdiction of Malta.

Allows South Africans to buy tickets for 50 of the world’s best lotteries (including the South African PowerBall + Lotto) over the internet.
New account sign up is 100% free.
Players can make deposits, play and cash out in Rand (ZAR). is 100% safe and reputable and only accepts secure and trusted payment methods.
Your lottery tickets are scanned and emailed to you.

Where Winners Gather

Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of paying out over $100 million in prizes to our customers. That $100 million includes some huge winners:’s Hall of Fortune

A. D. – 2017, Florida Lotto, $30 million

M. M. – 2015, Oregon Megabucks, $6.4 million

N. – 2017, US Mega Millions, $1 million

G. – 2016, US Powerball, $1 million

P. – 2016, US Powerball, $1 million

H. V. – 2016, US Powerball, $1 million

B. U. – 2012, US Powerball, $1 million

S – 2016, Austria Lotto, €824,000

A. K. – 2013, Italy SuperStar, €578,000

I. K. – 2013, EuroMillions, €489,000



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