Play like Italians. Play with SuperEnalotto!

Play like Italians. Play with SuperEnalotto!

Play like Italians. Play with SuperEnalotto!Football is the most popular spectator sport in Italy.

This is an important aspect of the Italian way of life. Can you guess which is the most popular national lottery in Italy?

This is called SuperEnalotto. It’s just as exciting, and millions of people play it every week.

Since 1997, SuperEnalotto has been bringing its players jackpots of record scale, and the good news is that it’s not possible to limit the number of times the SuperEnalotto jackpot can roll over.

It is easy to understand why players continue to take risks in this game. Right now, the SuperEnalotto jackpot is 87.1 million euros, and the rally is Thursday.

Join this incredible jackpot and join the growing list of big SuperEnalotto winners.

SuperEnalotto Jackpot=

Top 5 SuperEnalotto Jackpot Winners:

  1. The biggest jackpot won in SuperEnalotto was in May 2010 for 177.7 million Euros. It was won by a Syndicate of 70 players in Milan.
  2. The second largest jackpot was won in August 2009 for 147.8 million euros in Tuscany.
  3. The third largest payment was in February 2010 for 139 million euros in Tuscany.
  4. The fourth-largest jackpot of € 100.7 million was won in October 2008 from a ticket purchased in Catania, Sicily.
  5. Finally, the fifth largest jackpot was hit in May 2012 for 94.8 million Euros, and this ticket was also purchased in Catania, Sicily.

This Tuesday’s SuperEnalotto Jackpot is already close to the fifth largest jackpot of 87.1 million euros.

How to play SuperEnalotto

Play SuperEnalotto is easy. All you need to do is select six numbers from 1 to 90. You must play at least five lines for $ 2.80 for a total of $ 14.00. You can win a prize by choosing one of two balls for all six balls.
You can also play the SuperStar number, which is an extra number and gives you the opportunity to increase your payout by winning even bigger prizes for just 0.50 euros.

SuperStar was introduced in 2006 to create new ways to win prizes. You choose one number from 1 to 90, and then the SuperStar ball is removed from a separate set of balls.

If a SuperStar ball is combined with a winning combination in the main game, it can significantly increase your payout, because it creates additional prize categories for more ways to win.


Drawing details:

SuperEnalotto is held on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of a jackpot in the amount of 87.1 million euros.

Play SuperEnalotto now! Drawing – Thursday!



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